It's that time of the year again. When Australia stops for the most popular horse race across the country, year wide. The Melbourne Cup!

The 3200 metre race that stops the nation has been running for a total of 154 years, starting in 1861. The race has now become part of the Australian Culture, with the total attendance in 2013 being 104,169, continuing to grow on a yearly basis.

People do not only attend, but Australia wide there's citizens tuning into their radio's and watching broadcasts on TV's, hoping that the horse they bet on finishes in first.

So this year for the Melbourne Cup, Joe's Kitchen is releasing a Melbourne Cup Menu! The full setting and great vibe present at Joe's Kitchen on a yearly basis during the Melbourne Cup will be better than ever!

For only $48 p.p. you can have starters, entrees, main meals and desserts from our fixed menu.

View our full Melbourne Cup 2014 Menu and make a booking through our website or by contacting us at 93226209.

See you on Melbourne Cup Day!